Partners and Support

We are partnering with:

  • The Yeoman Lab on acid resistance in the vaginal tract during bacterial vaginosis.
  • The Wiedenheft Lab and the Spence Lab on developing human intestinal organoids as a novel model system for host-microbiome research.
  • The McDermott Lab and the Bothner Lab on the GI tract microbiome’s role in mitigating arsenic toxicity.
  • The Schmidt Lab on understanding host responses to arsenic challenges under conditions of microbial dysbiosis.
  • The Young Lab on the role of viruses in shaping structure-function relationships in the GI tract microbiome.
  • The Julita Lab on host immune response to C. difficile infection and the development of new germ free mouse models.
  • The Cohen and Arnold Labs on a germ free as3mt-/- mouse model for asenicosis research.
  • The Gerlach Lab on ICP-MS quantification of arsenic in environmental and mammalian tissue samples.

Our research is supported by the following: